Why Privacy Matters

Our privacy has never been more threatened. While some of us are vaguely aware of this, most of the rampant data collection and sharing is completely opaque. And the consequences are more dire than most of us realize. We can’t afford to be complacent. We need to push back, to ask questions, and make better choices. Privacy-respecting apps and services do exist today. Making a deliberate and overt decision to use them will force the market (and our elected representatives) to take notice. My guest Naomi Brockwell from NBTV will make a compelling case for privacy and reclaiming control of our data, including several top notch tips for doing so.

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  • 0:02:58: How did you become a privacy evangelist?
  • 0:06:51: What are some of the most mind-blowing ways we leak personal data?
  • 0:09:56: What were some of Orwell’s most prescient predictions in 1984?
  • 0:15:49: How is surveillance different in real life from 1984?
  • 0:22:23: How does data collection skew the power balance between citizens and authorities?
  • 0:26:36: How do you counter the “I have nothing to hide” argument?
  • 0:29:55: Why is it so important to normalize the use of privacy tools?
  • 0:33:46: What changes do you recommend and what are the impacts for making them?
  • 0:45:48: If you’ve given away tons of personal data already, is it too late?
  • 0:50:07: What can we do to push vendors to respect our privacy more?
  • 0:57:49: What’s the future of privacy look like?
  • 1:00:15: Post-interview notes
  • 1:06:11: Looking ahead