The Rise of CBDC

AI has been grabbing all the tech headlines, but cryptocurrency is still innovating and changing. One of the primary goals of cryptocurrency was to be decentralized and therefore not controlled by governments like fiat currency. That is about to change. Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) is a new type of cryptocurrency that is created and governed by nation states, which comes with serious implications for privacy and global economics. Thankfully I’ve got cryptocurrency expert Seth for Privacy on the show to explain how CBDC works and how it will affect us.

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  • 0:00:30: Promo update
  • 0:01:42: News preview
  • 0:04:34: AT&T now says over 50M accounts were compromised
  • 0:11:37: Apple password reset notification attack
  • 0:16:04: Outlook is Microsoft’s new data collection service
  • 0:22:40: Kobold letters
  • 0:29:27: Backdoor in XZ Utils That Almost Happene
  • 0:39:42: OpenAI and Google reportedly used transcriptions of YouTube videos to train their AI models
  • 0:45:57: How to Turn Off Meta AI on their various apps
  • 0:49:07: Vulnerabilities Identified in LG WebOS
  • 0:52:14: Roku Says More Than 500,000 Accounts Were Compromised
  • 0:56:05: X May Charge New Users a ‘Small Fee’ to Post, Like and Reply
  • 1:00:04: DuckDuckGo Is Taking Its Privacy Fight to Data Brokers
  • 1:04:19: Google Launches Android Find My Device Network
  • 1:07:29: The CFPB wants to rein in data brokers
  • 1:12:23: Tip of the Week: Freeze Your Credit
  • 1:18:05: Wrap-up
  • 1:19:06: Looking ahead