He Said She Said

Today I talk with Justin and Jodi Daniels about that state of privacy today, how we can help consumers and companies better understand the importance of privacy and security, and how companies are dealing with these aspects internally. We talk about the state of privacy regulations (or the lack thereof), why companies are failing to protect their customers, and what we can do about that.

Justin and Jodi host a podcast together called She Said Privacy, He Said Security. They’ve also co-written a book called “Data Reimagined: Building trust one byte at a time”.

Interview Notes

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Table of Contents

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  • 0:01:33: Interview setup
  • 0:03:31: Tell me about your podcast and how you got into this space.
  • 0:06:40: How do you explain privacy to regular, everyday people?
  • 0:09:37: How can we help people better understand the need for privacy?
  • 0:11:10: What are the newest threats to our privacy?
  • 0:14:58: So how do we know what to trust?
  • 0:17:07: What mistakes do companies make when crafting and implementing privacy policies?
  • 0:21:37: How should companies embrace privacy?
  • 0:25:51: What’s life like for a Chief Privacy Officer today?
  • 0:30:22: Can we blame companies for monetizing our data since it’s legal to do so?
  • 0:34:01: How do we combat privacy problems with security tech?
  • 0:37:11: Why can’t the US government pass a federal privacy law?
  • 0:42:54: Would it help to pass laws that mandate transparency?
  • 0:46:11: What about a universal opt-out mechanism?
  • 0:47:24: Is mainstream media covering privacy and security properly?
  • 0:49:36: What are some promising Privacy Enhancing Technologies?
  • 0:53:50: What are some of your top resources to learn more about privacy?
  • 0:56:09: Any final thoughts?
  • 0:57:30: Interview follow-up
  • 0:59:25: Looking ahead