Car Privacy is Horrid

Modern cars are chock full of sensors and connected to the internet via built-in cellular modems. That’s a recipe for massive data collection. Last September, Mozilla’s Privacy Not Included team released a blockbuster report how much data our cars were gathering and it was absolutely staggering. According to the hard-to-find privacy policies, your car can collect extremely personal information including precise location, contact lists from your phone, call and message data, and – believe it or not – even “sexual activity”. Today, I’ll walk through this report and its implications with the head of Mozilla’s Privacy Not Included project, Jen Caltrider.

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  • 0:02:39: What were some top finding from your car privacy report?
  • 0:05:14: Which cars did you review and how did you evaluate them?
  • 0:09:44: How was I notified and how did I consent to my car’s privacy policy?
  • 0:10:39: What are cars tracking? Are electric cars any worse than gas cars?
  • 0:13:55: What third party data mining is going on in my car?
  • 0:20:41: Is there a way to opt out of data sharing?
  • 0:24:10: Is less data collected in Europe?
  • 0:26:02: Where is all my data stored? Locally, in the cloud, or both?
  • 0:28:52: Is the data at least secured?
  • 0:29:48: Can dealerships access my data? What about law enforcement?
  • 0:32:28: What about rental or fleet cars? What about passengers?
  • 0:37:24: Do car dealers disclose this data collection to shoppers?
  • 0:39:11: What are some of the security problems with this data collection?
  • 0:45:55: How did car makers and legislators respond to your report?
  • 0:48:36: Do modern privacy laws cover auto data?
  • 0:50:48: So what can we do about this today?
  • 0:54:30: What will Privacy Not Included tackle next?
  • 0:58:40: Wrap-up