Best of 2023 Bonus Content

Every week, I record a special, private bonus podcast for my patrons. Until today, all of that content was restricted to my supporters. But today I’ve got a sampler platter of some of the best snippets from my bonus Q&A with my interview guests, along with an episode of my more-technical bonus series I call Merlin’s Musings. You’ll hear from Josh Corman (CISA and I Am the Cavalry), Ernesto Falcon (EFF and CA Senate candidate), Omega and Deth Veggie (Cult of the Dead Cow), Michael Littman (AI expert from Brown Univ) and Cory Doctorow (author and activist), plus the strange story of the ProxyHam.

Podcast Links

These are links to the public podcasts associated with the bonus clips I played today along with some related links.

  1. Ep332, Josh Corman: 
  2. Cyberattacks on hospitals are growing threats to patient safety, experts say :
  3. Ep334, Ernesto Falcon: 
  4. Ep336, Cult of the Dead Cow: 
  5. Ep338, Michael Littman: 
  6. Ep348, Cory Doctorow: 
  7. Wired article on ProxyHam: 
  8. Hackaday ProxyHam: 
  9. ProxyGambit: 

Further Info

Table of Contents

Use these timestamps to jump to a particular section of the show.

  • 0:02:41: Josh Corman: analog back and sci-fi table top exercises
  • 0:12:51: Ernesto Falcon: raising money and CA influence
  • 0:19:19: Cult of the Dead Cow: Agent Steal
  • 0:23:44: Michael Littman: Superintelligent AI risks vs reality
  • 0:33:03: Cory Doctorow: Burning Man
  • 0:41:00: Merlin’s Musings: ProxyHam
  • 0:53:37: Wrapup & patron perks