Best of 2023

I’ve culled through the podcasts from the last year and put together an hour’s worth of the best content! Here’s a nice little charcuterie sampler of the top interview segments from 2023.

Episode Links

  1. Ep347 (Oct 16) What’s Your Threat Model? 
  2. Ep342 (Sep 18) Your Face Belongs to Us 
  3. Ep336 (Aug 7) Cult of the Dead Cow 
  4. Ep348 (Oct 30) Reclaiming the Internet 
  5. Ep324 (May 15) – Probing the Ministry of Truth 
  6. Ep338 (Aug 21) Demystifying AI 

Further Info

Table of Contents

Use these timestamps to jump to a particular section of the show.

  • 0:02:09: Andy Yen, CEO Proton: LastPass breach
  • 0:07:22: Kashmir Hill, NY Times: Clearview Ai
  • 0:17:25: Omega and Deth Veggie, Cult of the Dead Cow: being a hacker
  • 0:39:43: Cory Doctorow, author/activist: ensh*tification
  • 0:49:42: Vincent Hendricks, author: social media
  • 0:58:32: Michael Littman, Brown Univ: Dangers of AI
  • 1:04:46: Wrap-up and look ahead