What’s Your Threat Model?

There are several privacy-focused services available today. And the products we use have a dizzying array of privacy and security settings. How do you know which products you need and which vendors you can trust? How do you know which protections you need and which ones you don’t? It comes down to understanding your personal threat model. We each have different things to protect and different consequences for failure. Today I’ll speak with Andy Yen, CEO and founder of Proton, to help us figure out what we need.

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0:01:03: Show preview
0:01:44: Delete Act passes
0:02:36: What new at Proton since we last spoke?
0:07:00: How do you determine your personal threat model?
0:09:21: How does Proton decide which threat models to address?
0:13:40: How do you learn about all the possible security settings?
0:15:37: How do you know which companies and products you can trust?
0:18:11: How should VC money and buyouts affect our trust?
0:22:30: What should tech reviewers be focusing on with privacy products?
0:26:24: How important is a company’s location for privacy?
0:28:47: Are technological solutions sufficient to protect our data?
0:30:22: Has Proton received any pressure from governments to weaken privacy?
0:33:27: Does Proton actively market to government officials?
0:34:43: How can larger companies protect against insider threats?
0:37:05: What’s your take on the LastPass breach?
0:41:32: What is Proton Sentinel and who is it for?
0:46:09: Will Sentinel be able to scale?
0:47:31: Proton asks Sentinel users for personal information – is that safe?
0:51:04: Can you share any specific Sentinel success stories?
0:53:39: What other features would you like to add to Proton?
0:58:30: Wrap-up
1:00:11: Look ahead