Access Backup Plan

You’re using a password manager. You’re even using two-factor authentication. Great! When done properly, this will keep the bad guys out. Unfortunately, if you’re not careful, it may also keep you out. If you forget your master password or lose access to your 2FA device, you’ll be in real trouble… unless you have an access backup plan. This same plan can also help your spouse or next of kin to access your accounts should you die or become incapacitated.

In the news: CISA issues a DDoS warning after multiple attacks; LetMeSpy stalkerware maker suffers a data breach of collected data; researchers use LED power light flicker to break cryptographic keys; Australian PM recommends citizens to power cycle their phones once a day; several artists boycott venues that use facial recognition; Brave browser introduces new localhost access permission; Proton unveils new password manager; Dear Carey questioner asks about PDF readers.

Article Links

  1. [BleepingComputer] CISA issues DDoS warning after attacks hit multiple US orgs
  2. [TechCrunch] LetMeSpy, a phone tracking app spying on thousands, says it was hacked
  3. [The Hacker News] Researchers Find Way to Recover Cryptographic Keys by Analyzing LED Flickers
  4. [] Why tips like ‘turn off your iPhone for five minutes’ don’t actually help users
  5. [Rolling Stone] Tom Morello, Zack de la Rocha, and Boots Riley Boycotting Venues That Use Face-Scanning Technology
  6. [BleepingComputer] Brave Browser boosts privacy with new local resources restrictions
  7. [] Proton Pass end-to-end encrypted password manager is here and free for everyone
  8. Tip of the Week – Access Backup Plan: 

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  • 0:01:00: Photo Stream, Securityzed podcast
  • 0:03:21: News rundown
  • 0:05:10: CISA issues DDoS warning after attacks hit multiple US orgs
  • 0:09:29: LetMeSpy stalkerware maker says it was hacked
  • 0:16:43: Researchers Recover Crypto Keys from LED Flickers
  • 0:24:07: Turn your iPhone off every day for 5 mins?
  • 0:29:39: Artists boycotting venues that Use Face-Scanning Technology
  • 0:34:02: Brave Browser boosts privacy with localhost restrictions
  • 0:41:28: Proton debuts new password manager
  • 0:45:56: Dear Carey question
  • 0:50:05: Tip of the Week
  • 1:00:32: Wrap-up