Blocking .zip Domains

Two weeks ago, I told you about the availability of two new top-level domains that also happen to be popular file name extensions: .zip and .mov. The ambiguity will undoubtedly be exploited by ne’er-do-wells to trick people into doing something they shouldn’t do. There are clever ways to manipulate website addresses that would trick even tech-savvy people into clicking malicious links. Today I’ll tell you how these tricks work and explain you can avoid all of these issues by simply blocking these new domains.

In other news: iTunes for Windows patches a nasty bug; Android malware downloaded over 420 million times; Android phones vulnerable to fingerprint brute-force attacks; Luxottica exposes 300 million customer records; free VPN service SuperVPN exposes 360 million user records; Amazon gets slap on the wrist for Ring video doorbell private data access; KeePass “master password crack” not as bad as it sounds; Twitter adding Content Notes ‘fact checks’ to images; Microsoft now scanning inside password-protected zip files; drone pilot is NOT killed by drone; AI is NOT likely to cause human extinction; and Brave introduces new Off The Record browsing mode. Plus my Dear Carey question: recommended cheat sheet for computer safety.

Article Links

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  8. [Mashable] Twitter will now put Community Notes ‘fact checks’ on images
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  10. [VICE] USAF Official Says He ‘Misspoke’ About AI Drone Killing Human Operator in Simulated Test
  11. [Schneier Blog] On the Catastrophic Risk of AI
  12. [] Request “Off the Record”
  13. Tip of the Week: Blocking .zip Domains:

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  • 0:01:27: DEF CON update
  • 0:02:40: News preview
  • 0:04:59: If you use iTunes on Windows, update your app soon
  • 0:06:25: Android malware was downloaded over 420M times
  • 0:10:29: Android phones vulnerable to fingerpint brute force attacks
  • 0:16:59: Luxottica breach exposes 300 million records
  • 0:20:00: Free VPN service SuperVPN exposes 360 million user records
  • 0:24:21: Amazon gets slap on the wrist over Ring privacy violations
  • 0:26:10: KeePass “master password crack”
  • 0:29:59: Twitter to put Community Notes on images
  • 0:32:48: Microsoft is scanning contents of password-protection zip files
  • 0:37:47: AI drone did NOT kill its human operator
  • 0:43:19: About that AI article leading to human extinction
  • 0:50:54: Brave browser’s new Off The Record feature
  • 0:56:14: Dear Carey: cheatsheet for computer cleanup?
  • 0:58:01: Tip of the Week: Blocking .zip domains
  • 1:03:36: Wrap up and look ahead