Blocking Google Popups

Have you noticed Google getting really pushy lately with offers to “sign in with Google”? You’re not alone. Many websites offer the ability to create a free account so that you can “personalize your experience”, but lately Google has been popping up an very annoying window to prompt you to create this account by signing in with your Google account. First of all, you almost never need to create an account to view the site. But second, even if you do want to create an account, you shouldn’t be linking that account with Google. You’re creating a data sharing arrangement that is completely unnecessary and not in your best interests. I’ll explain how to block these irritating popups (and many like them) for good.

In other news: 1Password was not hacked, but recent messages might have worried you; new macOS malware stealer app; five things scammers hope you search for; Microsoft Edge is recording your web surfing data; Windows 10 will never receive another feature update; Microsoft is rewriting core Windows software in a memory-safe language; study claims 83% of passwords can be hacked in one second; Google adds support for passkeys; Apple issues first Rapid Security Response with confusing messages; NYPD hands out 500 free AirTags to combat auto thefts; Apple and Google partner on industry spec to thwart unwanted tracking devices; Google adds cloud backup for 2FA without end-to-end encryption; Amazon Clinic requires you to sign away privacy rights; Washington State pass health data privacy law; my take on recent efforts to undermine encryption and restrict access to social media.

Article Links

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  18. Tip of the Week: Block Google Sign-In Popups:  

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  • 0:00:25: Follow-up on previous stories
  • 0:02:01: Security updates
  • 0:02:37: News preview
  • 0:05:02: 1Password was NOT hacked
  • 0:06:57: New Atomic macOS Stealer malware discovered
  • 0:09:56: Five things scammers are hoping you’re googling for
  • 0:13:53: Microsoft Edge is leaking the sites you visit to Bing
  • 0:16:27: Microsoft to stop updating Windows 10 features
  • 0:19:21: Microsoft is rewriting core Windows code to be memory-safe
  • 0:22:07: 83% of passwords cracked in one second! (not really)
  • 0:25:17: Google introduces passkey support
  • 0:30:56: Apple’s first Rapid Security Response was confusing
  • 0:36:05: NYPD hands out free AirTags to crack down on car theft
  • 0:37:58: Google, Apple propose standard to address unwanted tracking
  • 0:40:31: Google’s new 2FA sync is not end-to-end encrypted
  • 0:44:51: Amazon Clinic requires you to give away your privacy
  • 0:48:51: Washington State passed heath data protection law
  • 0:51:17: My take on recent efforts to restrict social media, strong encryption
  • 0:57:00: Tip of the Week: Blocking Popups
  • 1:07:13: Wrap up