iOS 16 Security & Privacy Features

Apple just released a major update to its iPhone operating system, iOS 16. This release has some really important security and privacy features, including Passkeys, Lockdown Mode and Safety Check. I’ll give you an overview of these features.

In other news: D-Link routers have a major vulnerability that’s being actively exploited; Uber was completely pwned by a cocky 18-year old hacker; Morgan Stanley was fined $35 million for failing to delete user data from hundreds of hard drives before reselling them; Chrome and Edge may be sending your form data back to Google and Microsoft; a new voice AI tool lets you change your voice to sound like someone else; health apps are sharing your personal data and HIPAA isn’t helping; the US military is using yet another data broker to buy incredibly detailed information on almost all internet users; US border agents can search your phone and even copy your phone’s data, and may save that info for 15 years; your car is coughing up tons of personal and auto data to dozens of data companies; Intel’s new AI will be used to find students who are confused or even emotionally distressed.

Article Links

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  • 0:02:54: News rundown
  • 0:05:53: Major D-Link router vulnerability
  • 0:08:43: Uber hacked by 18-year old
  • 0:12:23: Morgan Stanley fined $35 million for mishandling customer data
  • 0:16:53: Google and Microsoft browser spell checkers may see personal data
  • 0:23:11: Tool allows you to change your voice to sound like someone else
  • 0:30:16: Health apps are sharing your personal, sensitive information
  • 0:37:05: Yet another data broker selling tons of info to US government
  • 0:43:30: CBP copies your device data and may store it for 15 years
  • 0:47:56: How to guard your phone data at international borders
  • 0:54:32: Your car data is up for sale by multiple third parties
  • 1:00:17: Schools use face AI to find bored or troubled students
  • 1:05:15: New privacy and security features of iOS 16
  • 1:16:18: Send me your questions!
  • 1:20:15: Upcoming interviews