Total Cookie Protection

Firefox officially rolled out its Total Cookie Protection feature last week, which is a clever and elegant solution for blocking tracking using third party cookies. Unfortunately… it doesn’t seem to be working for me when I tested it. There are at least a couple reasons for why this might be, and a workaround, both of which I will discuss in today’s Tip of the Week.

Also: A drunk employee lost a flash drive with half a million customer’s data in Japan; a TikTok leak appears to show that even with US user data being “moved” to US soil, engineers in China can still access it; a new voicemail scam tries to trick you into giving up your Microsoft account credentials; MEGA fixes several flaws which might allow a rogue employee to view your data; 56 security flaws in industrial systems could impact thousands of devices around the world; Google Password Manager now allows for client-side encryption; Microsoft’s Defender is now available for non-Windows devices (for a fee); T-Mobile is the latest to use its privileged position to hoover up and sell customer data; spyware companies are proliferating; Facebook is receiving sensitive medical info from it’s Meta Pixel; and vacation rentals are sadly great places for spycams, and I’ll help you try to spot them.

Article Links

  1. [The Guardian] Japanese city worker loses USB containing personal details of every resident
  2. [Gizmodo] TikTok Leak Alleges User Data Isn’t Private: ‘Everything Is Seen in China’
  3. [Threatpost] Voicemail Scam Steals Microsoft Credentials
  4. [BleepingComputer] MEGA fixes critical flaws that allowed the decryption of user data
  5. [BleepingComputer] Icefall: 56 flaws impact thousands of exposed industrial devices
  6. [9to5Google] Google Password Manager starts offering on-device encryption on Android, iOS, and Chrome
  7. [PCM] WTF? Do I Have to Pay for Microsoft’s Defender Antivirus Now?
  8. [The Verge] T-Mobile is selling your app usage data to advertisers — here’s how to opt out
  9. [WIRED] Google Warns of New Spyware Targeting iOS and Android Users
  10. [The Markup] Facebook Is Receiving Sensitive Medical Information from Hospital Websites – The Markup
  11. [USA TODAY] How to spot hidden surveillance cameras in your Airbnb, VRBO, or vacation rentals

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  • 0:02:17: News topic summary
  • 0:04:47: Drunk worker loses customer data
  • 0:08:00: TikTok phone call leak
  • 0:12:04: Microsoft voicemail scam
  • 0:16:23: MEGA fixes critical encryption flaws
  • 0:21:28: Icefall vulnerabilities
  • 0:27:15: Google Password Manager on-device encryption
  • 0:29:58: MIcrosoft Defender for Individuals
  • 0:34:25: T-Mobile tracks and sells app usage data
  • 0:37:10: Spyware industry is rampant
  • 0:41:14: Facebook getting sensitive medical information
  • 0:46:21: How to spot hidden spy cameras in vacation rentals
  • 0:55:16: Tip of the Week: Total Cookie Protection
  • 1:01:33: 2022 Mid-year goals update
  • 1:03:06: Preview of upcoming shows
  • 1:04:00: Dragon coins will start shipping!