Teaching & Preaching Privacy

Today I’m speaking with a fellow privacy evangelist: Henry from Techlore. Like me, Henry and his team are on a mission to teach regular, everyday people how to secure their data and improve their privacy. Henry and I have a frank discussion about the importance of privacy today and the struggles we have when deciding which privacy-oriented products to recommend. First of all, everyone’s privacy “threat model” is different. Second, many people still don’t understand the true impacts of privacy failures – to themselves and to society in general. Privacy isn’t just a “me” thing – it’s also very much a “we” thing. And if all of that weren’t enough, privacy advocates argue constantly (and often heatedly) about the proper litmus tests to use when evaluating privacy-oriented products. Today, Henry and I will discuss what frustrates us and what gives us hope in the highly nuanced realm of privacy.

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