De-Google Your Life (Part 2)

One of my big goals for 2022 was to minimize my Google footprint. In the last news show, I covered Google Search, Chrome and Android. In today’s show, I’ll tackle two other big ones: Google’s email (Gmail) and calendar (Gcal) services (and Google’s contacts, for good measure). I actually replaced Gmail with two different services, because they each address two different needs I have.

In others news: Microsoft finally disables Word and Excel macros by default for any file downloaded from the internet; the IRS backs off it’s requirement for using facial recognition to authenticate to the IRS website; Missouri’s prosecutor declines to prosecute the reporter who pointed out a state website which gave away social security numbers for some state employees; Kashmir Hill compares the relative privacy and tracking capabilities of AirTags, Tile and a cheap GPS tracker; two US senators are decrying a newly declassified report of a CIA program that surveils American citizens in bulk; a remote test proctoring company sinks to new lows; hundreds of Android apps were found to be tracking you using ultrasonic signals; and Google will be implementing a new privacy feature in Android that it claims is just as private as Apple’s App Tracking Transparency, but will somehow preserve the ad-based web economy.

Article Links

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  3. Missouri prosecutor won’t press charges against reporter who found flaw in state website 
  4. New test shows AirTag’s safety precautions are far better than Tile, other GPS trackers 
  5. T2 Mac security vulnerability means passwords can now be cracked 
  6. Senators say CIA has been collecting data in bulk in secret program 
  7. A Network of Fake Test Answer Sites Is Trying to Incriminate Students 
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  10. De-Google My LIfe (part 2): 

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