Searching for Privacy

We tell our search engines a lot of very personal things. They arguably know more about us than our best friends and significant others do. A history of your search terms can reveal so much about you, especially when viewed over the course of days, months and even years. And unfortunately, companies like Google use this privileged position to better target us with advertisements. This may seem innocuous, today’s guest, Kelly Finnerty, will explain how this data collection can lead to some truly creepy outcomes and even emotional harm. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are search engines and other tools that don’t track your history and sell you out. And there is hope for a brighter, privacy-respecting future.

Kelly Finnerty is the director of brand for Startpage, a global privacy technology company that provides search and browsing products that protect people’s personal data. Kelly is a #techforgood advocate that believes privacy is a worldwide human right.

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