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Data Privacy Week 2022

Of course, every week should be “data privacy week”, but we do set aside a specific time each year to focus on privacy – particularly educating as many people as possible about it. Until this year, we only dedicated one day for this – but as of 2022, it’s been promoted to an entire week! Data Privacy Week runs from January 24-28, so today I’m going to prep you for it with several of my top privacy protection tips!

In the news: the FBI uses foreign intelligence services to sidestep US surveillance restrictions; Russia takes down the REvil ransomware outfit as the United State’s request; Google gives Android users the ability to disable insecure 2G cell connections; Subaru is sued in Illinois for capturing driver’s biometric information with consent; lawmakers propose legislation to simplify and standardize terms of services agreements; and the Ponemon Institute releases the results of a recent poll on what people worry about with relation to privacy and what they feel should be done about it.

Article Links

  1. Using Foreign Nationals to Bypass US Surveillance Restrictions 
  2. Russia’s FSB says it has taken down REvil hacker group at US request 
  3. VICTORY: Google Releases “disable 2g” Feature for New Android Smartphones 
  4. Class action: Subaru DriverFocus system improperly scans driver’s faces, eyes 
  5. Lawmakers Come After Companies’ Terms of Service With New TLDR Bill 
  6. New Ponemon Institute Report Indicates Major Consumer Privacy Gap 

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