The Log4Shell Debacle

The internet is on fire this week. The worst cybersecurity vulnerability of the last ten years (and perhaps more) has kicked the internet ant hill. Companies around the globe – big and small – are scrambling to repair a gaping hole in a ridiculously mundane but widely popular open source tool called Log4J. What it is and what does it mean for you? I’ll get into all of that today.

In other news: many popular wireless home routers are riddled with security bugs (update your firmware now); family “safety” app Life360 is selling your detailed location data; Consumer Reports released a comprehensive report on VPN security and privacy; Firefox just got a lot more secure; LastPass is once again an independent company; Apple released a lot of cool security and privacy features for iOS and macOS; and Verizon just opted you into a program for tracking you – and how you can opt out. (I’ll touch on T-Mobile and AT&T tracking, too.)

Article Links

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