End Run Around Your Rights

The rampant collection and sharing of personal data is not just a creepy nuisance. Surveillance capitalism has actually had seriously deleterious effects on society and democracy. In the United States, we have certain rights enshrined in the Constitution that are supposed to protect citizens against unreasonable search and seizure. Law enforcement and intelligence agencies are supposed to have to jump through some non-trivial legal hoops in order to access our personal data. But with a massive market for gathering and correlating your location, purchase history, web surfing habits, search history, and more, it’s become trivial to circumvent these pesky road blocks by just buying the information from data brokers. In an important and landmark report from the Center for Democracy and Technology, the end run around our supposed rights has become frighteningly clear. Today I speak with Dhanaraj Thakur about this report and what it means for our democracy.

Dhanaraj Thakur is Research Director at the Center for Democracy & Technology, where he leads research that advances human rights and civil liberties online.

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