My Debit Card Was Hacked

Credit cards are more secure than debit cards. I’ve said this in my book, my podcast, my blog and my seminars. Credit card transactions are loans – you’re not out any money if a fraudulent charge comes through (assuming you or the credit card company catches it first). With debit cards, any fraud activity will actually take your money from your account – it’s gone and you have to convince your bank to give it back. And so, I almost never use my debit card. And yet, I was still hacked. My card wasn’t stolen or cloned with a skimmer. The number wasn’t leaked in a hack. The bad guys somehow managed to guess my card number. And then they got clever and drained my bank account. I’ll give you the details today and give you some pointers for avoiding being bitten the same way I was.

In other news: bad guys have come up with some very clever ways to drain your bank accounts using Zelle and text messages; they’ve also used similar techniques to disable the Find My feature on stolen iPhones; Apple is suing Israeli hacking company NSO Group over their Pegasus spyware; attackers apparently don’t try guessing passwords longer than about 10 characters; GoDaddy admits to a major breach, but in a dumb way; there’s a nasty new Windows bug that was give up by an upset security researcher; there’s a powerful IoT malware that appears to be lurking on the internet; Microsoft Windows is doing some shady stuff to force you to use Edge browser and give up your data; and Vizio makes more money off your TV data than off the TV itself.

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