Best & Worst Gifts for 2021

The gift-giving season is officially upon us, and with covid supply chain issues, if you’re going to order gifts, you need to get on it. And in today’s show, I’ll share the highlights of my annual Best & Worst Gift Guide where I focus on the privacy and security of popular gifts. You won’t be surprised at a lot of the items on my naughty list, but I’ll bet you’ll find some interesting ideas from the nice list that you can give your loved ones this holiday season.

I will also cover several news items – many of them actually good news! A new bipartisan bill would allow people to disable news feeds based on algorithms; Apple has dialed back some of it’s well-intentioned but poorly-implemented child safety features; Facebook will remove many sensitive categories for targeted ads and stop using facial recognition; several people associate with the Kaseya ransomware hack have been arrested; and 23andme’s DNA database (your DNA) may be leveraged foro a lucrative pharmaceutical business.

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