Privacy Dynamic Duo

Today I have the great honor and pleasure of speaking with two luminaries in the field of privacy: Michelle Finneran Dennedy and Melanie Ensign. Between them, they have decades of experience managing privacy processes, policies, technology and communications within dozens of big name tech companies. I get their unique perspective on data privacy and the evolution of how these companies approach the problem of collecting and managing your data. Are things getting better or worse? How can companies earn the trust of their customers? Is data the new oil? And is it an asset or a liability? How can we have social media like Facebook and privacy at the same time?

NOTE: I captured WAY more content from these two than I could fit into this one podcast. To get the full interview, become a patron! (And nab yourself a kick-butt challenge coin, too!)

Michelle Dennedy was the first CPO for many global IT infrastructure companies including Oracle, McAfee, Intel & Cisco. Michelle is now a partner at and CEO at a Privacy Engineering startup in stealth mode. She is the co-author of The Privacy Engineer’s Manifesto and The Privacy Engineer’s Companion. 

Melanie Ensign is the CEO of Discernible, helping cybersecurity & privacy teams better communicate with business leaders and consumers. She is also part of the DEF CON leadership team.

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