iOS 15 Privacy & Security Features

I admit it. I’m an Apple fan. Are they perfect? Definitely not. But in most cases, they’re actually trying to be good. And at the end of the day, their business model doesn’t rely on hoovering up your personal data. Apple just released a big update to its devices, iOS 15, and it’s got some really cool security and privacy features. I’ll tell you all about them in today’s show.

In other news: thousands of Netgear routers can be hacked via a Disney parental control feature even if you didn’t ask for it; yet another company is scraping social media and public info to sell it to law enforcement; the NSA and CIA are warning their employees to block ads for cybersecurity reasons; Microsoft has rolled out a “passwordless” login system; EFF is ending support for its wonderful browser plugin HTTPS Everywhere – because HTTPS is now already everywhere; Amazon’s new house robot, Astro, is a privacy nightmare (shocker); and this is the first week of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month in the US.

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