Guard Your Digital Rolodex

Your phone number is arguably as strong a personal identifier as your social security number, passport number or email address. These are things we almost never change any more – meaning that it’s an identifier for life. Our cell phones contain a ton of personal information, including our locations (not just now, but over time). Today I’ll help you understand why it’s so important to protect your cell phone number and digital contact lists.

In other news: you need to update everything again… Apple, Microsoft, Google, Adobe; REvil ransomware gang has disappeared completely from the dark web – and possibly not coincidentally, Kaseya has obtained a universal decryption key for all of it’s customers (REvil victims); the Pegasus Project appears to have unveiled serious abuses of the NSO Group’s spyware; Venmo finally gets rid of the public transaction list; the FBI is using cell site simulators to track cars; and it turns out that it’s easy and highly profitable to re-associate people with supposedly anonymous data sets.

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