Sad State of Cybersecurity

Today’s news headlines are littered with stories on massive cybersecurity failures: SolarWinds, Microsoft Exchange, Colonial Pipeline, data breaches, ransomware… Are the bad guys ramping up their game? Or are we just really bad at cybersecurity? (Or both?) How do we fix this? Who can lead the charge to improve our cyber defenses and fend off these attacks? Where do we learn best practices? Can new tools like Artificial Intelligence (AI) help us be more secure – or will these tools benefit the bad guys more? In today’s show, I discuss the current sorry state of cybersecurity and it’s foggy future with Josh Jackson from 6clicks!

Josh Jackson is an avid student of law, policy, and regulations. He is a speaker on Artificial Intelligence and Automation and a teacher on the Legal and Regulatory Environment of Business. He is passionate about ethics and agency law, and corporate and regulatory risk.

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