Have I Been FLoCed? (Part 2)

Is it possible for you to view your FLoC ID right now? And if so, can you decode this ID to understand what Google is learning about you from it? Does FLoC require your consent or cooperation from the sites you’re visiting? Are there tools to block this and, if so, how effective are they? In part 2 of my discussion with EFF’s Bennett Cyphers, we’ll answer these questions and many more.

Google’s FLoC proposal depends on Google being a “benevolent and omniscient overseer”, which is a bad bet. Even if Google manages to get the technology right and carefully avoids tracking “sensitive” info, there’s nothing saying it won’t change this later – on purpose or by accident or both. And given the rabid desire by data mining companies to monetize your information, FLoC may enable new forms of tracking and fingerprinting.

Bennett Cyphers is a staff technologist on the Tech Projects team. He works with a variety of teams across EFF, focusing on consumer privacy, competition, and state legislation. He also assists with development on Privacy Badger. Outside of work he has hobbies and likes fun.

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