How & When to Use a Passphrase

Today is the day we’ve all been waiting for! The super-secret, highly-collectible, security-enhancing device is finally HERE!! For a short period of time, I will be offering a very limited edition challenge coins to my patrons. Not only is the coin itself amazingly cool, it can also help you generate secure passphrases using my brand new website! Listen in today for all the details, as well as my tip of the week for how and when to use passphrases (instead of passwords)!

In other news: The Colonial Pipeline is open again after a nasty ransomware attack by the DarkSide group; President Biden signs a landmark executive order to strength cybersecurity for the US government and anyone who sells to them; the HSE in Ireland is hit with a ransomware attack, too; Microsoft warns of a fake ransomware infection that just steals data; apparently when give a real, clear choice, almost no one wants apps to track them (Apple’s App Tracking Transparency update); Veritone launches a creepy new deep-fake voice service for celebrities; Eufy camera bug crosses wires and shows people the wrong camera feeds (as in, from cameras they don’t own); and Amazon is enabling its Sidewalk mesh network by default – and I’ll tell you how to disable it.

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