Last Straw for LastPass

Ep210. I’ve recommended LastPass for years – since I wrote my book and every day since. Until now. There are several good (secure and private) password managers out there. But LastPass was the full package: a free tier that had all the functionality most people need and for-pay tiers that had very useful extras. But now they’re hobbling the free version by only allowing you to use it on one type of device: either a mobile device or a computer, but not both. To me, that makes the free tier useless. LastPass’s Android app was also found to contain seven different trackers. That was the last straw for me. In today’s episode, I’ll tell you my new recommendations and give you an important tip on making the switch.

In other news: a new law in Australia aims to force Google and Facebook to pay for news links; SolarWinds is blaming an intern for using a horrible password; SMS tax scams are picking up; Alexa Skills have serious privacy and security issues; adtech companies are scrambling to avoid telling you that you’re being tracked on iOS; cops use copyright filters to prevent being recorded; a new company is creating a nationwide surveillance system; pharmacies are capitalizing on the COVID vaccine to get your data for marketing; Firefox 86 has a killer new system to prevent third party cookie tracking; however, adtech is exploiting a loophole in DNS to turn third party cookies into first party cookies.

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