Tech Learning Collective (Part 1)

I first learned of the Tech Learning Collective at a privacy conference in late 2020. I struck up a conversation with one of its representatives and ended up taking one of their wonderful workshops in January. The TLC offers some top-notch courses on computers with a focus on cybersecurity. Unlike college courses or cybersecurity certification courses, TLC offers eminently practical and affordable content, focused squarely on doing. It’s like the difference between taking a karate class to earn colored belts and taking a personal self defense class to actually protect yourself. But it’s also much more than that, and hard to describe. You’ll have to listen to this interview to truly understand! From their website…

Technology, taught collectively. Looking to get certified? Look elsewhere. Looking to spark a revolution? We’ll show you how to become more powerful than the most well-funded adversaries, including corporate- and government-backed opponents.

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