Not Just a Face in the Crowd

Ep207. Clearview AI – the company that has hoovered up every face it can find on the internet to create a creepy person identifying app – is back in the news. Canada and the EU have decided that Clearview has gone too far and needs to allow its users to opt out and even delete all the data they have, upon request. It’s a welcome development, but unfortunately only available to California residents in the US (plus Canada and the EU). I’ll tell you how to delete your data.

In other news: Google uncovers a killer security feature in iOS 14 called BlastDoor; Amazon is expanding its “surveillance empire” in a massive and creepy way; someone “hacked” a water treatment plant in Florida trying (and failing) to poison its citizens; a bad bug has been found in a popular Wi-Fi iOT chip; a new phishing attack uses Morse code to hide its malicious web links; Facebook’s “Supreme Court” has rendered its first set of rulings; and Clubhouse, the latest social media craze, is using some intrusive techniques to find more members. Also, I’ve got several tips for tax time in the US, including avoiding scams and safely transferring your financial data.

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