De-Googling Your Life

We all love to beat up on Facebook over user privacy, but the real granddaddy of them all is Google. Google is everywhere. And they almost surely know way more about you than any other company on the planet. In addition to all the “G” apps and services that you know about, Google also owns Android, Chrome browser, Waze, Nest and YouTube. It’s extremely hard to avoid using Google. But there are alternatives that will respect your privacy – and today I’ll give you a long list of viable options. And with international Data Privacy Day happening this week (Jan 28th), it’s a great time to take back control of your data.

In other news: Some malicious Chrome extensions have been scraping Facebook data, a man working for ADT has been caught spying on women using the security cameras he helped to install, Google seems to be dragging their heels on updating their iOS app privacy labels, Malwarebytes says they’ve been hacked by the same group behind the SolarWinds hacks, WhatsApp has upset many of their users with a new privacy ultimatum, and I’ll delve into the national security implications of the recent US Capitol breach.

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