Choosing a Private Email Service (Part 1)

What could I learn about you if I read all your emails? Like, all of them. Since you started sending email. Beyond private conversations, I would also likely know every web site you have a relationship or account with, every online purchase you’ve made, every club or organization you’ve been a part of, and all the appointments you’ve made. I can also make a pretty comprehensive list of everyone you know. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If I analyze the content of your emails, I could almost certainly determine your political leanings, sexual preferences, religion, income, location(s), and more. So why don’t we put more thought into choosing our email provider? In part one of my interview with Fastmail’s COO, Helen Horstmann-Allen, we’ll discuss how email privacy really works and why it’s so crucially important.

Helen Horstmann-Allen is the Chief Operating Officer at FastMail where she provides overall business strategy and product direction for Fastmail and its suite of products. Before Fastmail, she ran her company, Pobox, an email forwarding service, for 20 years before Fastmail acquired it in 2015. Helen graduated from the Wharton School of Business and currently serves on several nonprofit boards in the Philadelphia area.

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