Setting the Digital Standard (Part 1)

Are consumers really concerned about security and privacy in the products they buy? And if so, how could manufacturers capitalize on these attributes to sell more of their products? Consumer Reports has recently published an important, comprehensive study of consumer attitudes towards privacy and security, including the historical evolution of these feelings. The result is a roadmap which companies can use to better serve this fast-growing market. Today we’ll discuss this study and its implications with Ben Moskowitz from CR’s Digital Lab.

Benjamin Moskowitz is the Director of Consumer Reports’ Digital Lab, a major initiative to expand CR’s work on privacy, digital security, and emerging concerns in digital consumer protection. Previously, he served as Director of Development for Innovation for the International Rescue Committee, where he secured more than $29 million in funding as a founding member of the Airbel Center—a research and development unit that designs, tests, and scales life-changing solutions for refugees and people affected by conflict.

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