Best & Worst Gifts Guide 2020

Looking for fun gifts that won’t also be gifts to hackers and data miners? In today’s show, I’ll list off the top products and services from my annual Naughty & Nice gifts guide! Every year, I review several popular gifts and give you my recommendations on which ones to buy and which ones to avoid like the plague (or the pandemic?).

In other news: Spotify has been hacked and you should change your password; Google is looking to add end-to-end encryption to its new Android RCS messaging system; an important new IoT security bill is waiting for the President’s signature; 27.7M Texans’ driver’s license info has been stolen; the IRS and the US military have been doing an end run around the US Constitution to obtain location information on thousands of people including US citizens without a warrant; Apple lowers its App Store commission to 15% for the vast majority of developers; Apple has responded to the blow back concerning its security validation on macOS Big Sur; and now is the time to download and enable your state’s COVID-19 tracing app.

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