Zoom: Now with Actual Privacy

Zoom went from an obscure teleconferencing company to a household word when the pandemic hit. Zoom wasn’t the best videoconferencing app by any means. But it was dead simple to use and kinda fun to say. For better or worse, it became the de facto tool for many of us to keep in touch. Over that time, Zoom has made many important improvements. This week it has finally rolled out what appears to be true end-to-end encryption (E2EE). Today I’ll tell you how to enable this new feature.

In other news: Be sure to update your iPhones to iOS 14.2; also be sure to keep Google Chrome and Windows 10 up to date; Adobe Flash is finally almost gone; police in Jackson, Mississippi are trialing a program to directly tap into people’s private security cameras like Ring video doorbells; the NSA and FBI have been burned by the very backdoors they added; and California’s Prop 24 passes, beefing up privacy protections for its citizens (and probably for all of us).

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