Big Proctor is Watching You (part 1)

In this time of COVID19, we’ve all had to learn to work and learn from home. But how do our bosses know we’re not screwing around instead of working? How do our teachers know we’re not cheating? It turns out that they’re both willing to go to extremely intrusive measures to try to figure that out. Home and mobile device surveillance technology is booming thanks to this global pandemic, as we will learn from talking to the EFF’s Lindsay Oliver and Jason Kelley. They have been investigating the serious impacts these products and services are having on our privacy and overall fairness for students and employees.

Lindsay Oliver is the Project Manager for EFF’s activism team, and works on the self-help resource Surveillance Self-Defense, Security Education Companion, and student privacy.

Jason Kelley guides EFF’s social media tactics and develops EFF’s online digital advocacy, and writes about various forms of governmental and private surveillance and tracking.

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