National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month! The theme this year is: if you connect it, protect it! And given how popular IoT devices are these days, and also how horrid their security usually is, this advice has never been more important. In today’s show, I’ll walk through some top cyber tips for protecting your devices and your home network.

And there’s a TON of news, as well: I’ll update you on the “App Fairness” campaign from Epic, Protonmail, Spotify and others; watch out for fake Android messaging apps made to look like Threema or Telegram; Google’s Chrome browser gets slammed for its poor privacy protections; Google is now giving out lists of people who searched on particular terms to law enforcement; Amazon is adding some new privacy options to their Alexa products, while also introducing a super-creepy home spy drone; should you let your insurance company track you? (spoiler: no); and Apple’s T2 chip is found to have a severe, unfixable security flaw.

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