Windows Trash

Take Out the (Windows) Trash

If you’re a Windows PC user, you know the term “bloatware”, or maybe “crapware”. Every consumer PC comes chock full of it. Free trials of games, cloud storage services and antivirus software. Half a dozen “helper” apps from the PC manufacturer. Pre-installed calling, chat, and shopping services. It’s a mess. But they’re not just annoying. They can slow down your computer’s startup and shutdown, and waste precious battery life on laptops. Today I’ll share two ways to take out this trash.

In other news: Android 11 and iOS 14 are out, and have neat new security and privacy features; Google is blocking W3C efforts to improve your privacy while also blocking resource-hogging ads in Chrome and blocking stalkerware apps in the Google Play Store; the FBI is now worried that video doorbells may actually let people spy on them; Facebook will try to ban deepfake political videos; and the US House unanimously passes a much-needed IoT security bill.