vote by mail

From Mailbox to Ballot Box

With the US general election just over 20 weeks away and no vaccine in sight for the coronavirus, it’s time to think very seriously about how you’re going to vote. Even if you think you want to vote in person this November, you should have a backup plan: voting by mail. This means that you’ll need to register for an absentee ballot – and the sooner you do so, the better prepared your state and county will be. I’ll tell you everything you need to know to get your absentee ballot.

In other news: Microsoft, IBM and Amazon have taken very welcome steps to curbing the use of facial recognition for law enforcement purposes; the FBI is once again warning us about banking hacks, this time related to mobile apps; the Brave browser was busted “accidentally” trying to cash in on your browsing; Google is being sued for $5B over its Chrome browser tracking while in incognito mode; and Zoom is rolling out full end-to-end encryption on its video conferencing solution… if you’re willing to pay.

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