Apple vs FBI, Part 2

The FBI is once again trash-talking Apple for not helping them in their investigation of a terrorist – this time, the alleged perpetrator of the Pensacola shooting. However, like the San Bernardino shooting a few years ago, Apple has actually done everything in its power to aid law enforcement. The issue is the “in its power” part. The FBI and DOJ would prefer that Apple (and therefore they) would have more power to unlock and decrypt iOS devices. We’ll discuss this and a recent ruling against the FBI in another phone-related case.

In other news: the Senate narrowly defeated a bill amendment that would protect your web history from government surveillance; 83% of users store their passwords in their heads (meaning their passwords suck); Firefox will soon tell you when sign-up forms are truncating your long passwords; Microsoft warns of a nasty new COVID-19-related phishing scheme that can take over your entire computer; and secure messaging app Signal has added a new security PIN to protect your account and make transferring to a new device easier.