Phish Spotting 101

The bad guys are having a field day with all the coronavirus hubbub, using our fears and anxieties to trick us into clicking bad links, downloading infected files, or installing malware. While the topic is new, the techniques are the same: phishing. Using cleverly disguised emails and text messages, bad guys trick us into giving up credit card and social security numbers, login credentials, and other sensitive information. In today’s show, I’ll give you several ways to spot these scams.

In other news: a new massive data breach contains records on 1.2 billion people; Microsoft released a new version of Windows Defender which is broken for some people; there’s been an attack on some Linksys routers; and as if regular ransomware wasn’t bad enough, the bad guys are now using a new “double extortion” tactic that really puts you in a bind.

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