Secure & Private Social Distancing

During our global COVID-19 self-quarantining, video conferencing usage has exploded. I’ve tried to find hard statistics, but they’re rising so fast that anything I post now will be stale tomorrow. That said, I’ve seen usage growth figures as high as 400%. And since we’re all staying home now (right?), video chatting is a great way to get some some social time with friends and family. But many of the most popular video chat services are lacking in security, privacy, or both (I’m looking at you, Zoom). I’ll give you a handful of good options that are all end-to-end encrypted.

In other news: over 12,000 Android apps were found to have some sort of backdoor; Cloudflare introduces for Families; Marriott announces yet another major data breach; Google is using its vast hoard of location data to track our social distancing success (or failure); EFF issues some timely warnings about guarding our civil liberties when responding to this crisis; and the FBI is warning us to watch out for coronavirus-related scams.

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