Clearer View of Clearview

Hacked: A Clearer View of Clearview

A few weeks ago, the New York Times published a bombshell article about a small startup called Clearview AI who was using a massive database of three billion faces scraped from several social media sites to offer a creepy facial recognition app. Just one snapshot of some stranger’s face could immediately identify that person – not just name, but potential location, age, other images, social media pages, and even a list of friends and family. Clearview claimed to only sell this service to law enforcement agencies, mostly in the US and Canada. However, this week Buzzfeed News obtained the company’s client list, and it contained several non-law enforcement agencies and dozens of clients outside of North America.

In other news: the latest Windows 10 update has caused many serious problems; leaked documents show how big companies are buying our credit card data; up to a billion WiFi devices have a critical security bug; the FCC says it will fine the four big US cellular carriers $200M for selling your location data; and several news bits about browsers: Brave, Chrome and Firefox.

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