Dropping Dropbox

I’ve been a Dropbox user for many, many years. But recently, they’ve gotten really pushy – trying to get me to save all my photos and docs there, integrating with MS Office when I didn’t ask it to, and pushing me to upgrade. Now it tells me I need to deactivate all but three devices (I have probably 7-8). I’ve been looking for a secure and (more importantly) private alternative for a while now, and this pushed me to move. Today I’ll compare several cloud sync services and tell you why I picked Sync.com.

In other news: Firefox keeps delivering excellent privacy features and gets top ranks in two new reports; NordVPN was “hacked” but you shouldn’t be worried; ISP are lobbying hard to stop DNS over HTTPS in browsers; some clever researchers show how to create legitimate Amazon Echo and Google Home apps that can eavesdrop and phish for passwords; and macOS Catalina arrives with several bugs but also several welcome new security features.

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