Risky Business (Part 1)

As our world becomes increasingly technical and interconnected, we become more susceptible to technical misfortunes and feel more impact when they inevitably occur. In the first half of my interview with Joshua Motta, we’ll talk about the recent rise in ransomware attacks: how people and companies get infected, what we know about the hackers, and why ransomware is such an effective and debilitating attack. Joshua will even explain how ransomware has become a cottage industry unto itself.

Joshua Motta is the CEO and Co-founder of Coalition, the fastest-growing provider of cyber insurance for small to medium sized businesses. Having worked at the intersection of the intelligence, finance, and technology sectors at the CIA, Goldman Sachs, and most recently as an early employee and CxO of Cloudflare, he gained valuable insights into the minds of hackers and how — and why — they target specific organizations, as well as how organizations can most effectively manage cyber risk. He founded Coalition to provide a better way to protect small and midsize businesses from breaches and cyber incidents.

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