Don’t Forget to Wipe Your Data

What happens to all the files, photos, songs and other data on your devices when you resell them or throw them away? Well, if you don’t do anything, all that data is still there, waiting for someone else to access it. A recent study showed that 60% of used hard drives still had accessible data on them. Today I’ll tell you how to properly wipe the data from your smartphones and computers before you get rid of them.

And there were a lot of other news items this week, including severe bugs in both Apple and Android smartphones, Cloudflare’s wonderful new free mobile VPN app called Warp, a bug in WhatsApp that could allow complete takeover of your device, how to pronounce “GIF”, the SIMJacker hack that affects well over a billion phones, and yet around call by the government to “backdoor” our encrypted communications.

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