Choosing a VPN Provider

Evaluating VPN providers on privacy is really, really hard. Even if you read all their privacy claims, how do you know if they’re telling the truth? I’ve read many reviews on many sites, but the recent review from The Wirecutter is the most comprehensive and helpful review I’ve ever come across. It focused first and foremost on privacy – something many other reviews fail to do, instead focusing on more readily verifiable aspects like speed, number of servers, and cost. In recent years, some top VPN providers have turned to third party, independent auditors to verify their privacy claims and published the results. This is what allows for a truly privacy-focused review. Many top contenders like ExpressVPN and NordVPN didn’t make the cut due to lack of transparency compared to the providers that topped Wirecutter’s list. Who won? Listen to today’s show to find out.

In other news, iPhones have been vulnerable to some nasty website hacks for several years, Facebook finally releases a tool to manage your “off-Facebook” data (though it fails), Kaspersky antivirus products have been marking all their users with a unique, trackable ID, and Kazakhstan tries to implement mass surveillance of its citizens and ends up being foiled (thankfully) by the three major browser makers.

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