Privacy in a Box (Part 1)

Protecting your privacy today is hard. It’s really hard. It’s too hard. Every ‘smart’ device you own is tattling on you, constantly, to dozens of companies. Your phone, your tablet, your PC, your TV, your streaming box, your DVR, your smart thermostat, your internet-connected medical devices… The list goes on and it gets longer every day. What if you could not only see all these illicit communications but also block them all, in one feel swoop? In part one of my interview with Richard Stokes, this former AdTech CEO will reveal what finally caused him to not only leave the industry but to develop a promising new product that puts users back in control of their privacy.

Richard is the CEO and founder of Winston Privacy. Previously, he was the founder of, one of the first digital market research services, and later became the Global Head of Innovation for Kantar Media. He founded Winston Privacy in response to the increasing abuses of privacy taking place in the AdTech industry. Additionally, he’s the author of “The Ultimate Guide to Pay-Per-Click Advertising”. He has a Computer Science degree from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana and an MBA from Kellogg / Northwestern University.

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