The Internet of Junk

How many of your “smart” devices are smart enough to update their own software? For that matter, how many of them can upgrade at all? It’s a good bet that most of them run some flavor of the free and open-source Linux operating system. A nasty bug was just found that affects almost all Linux systems, allowing a simple remote command to bring the system to its knees. There have been other bugs found in Linux and there will be more. If your device’s software can’t be updated, it will always be vulnerable. I’ll go over some basic IoT security tips to mitigate your vulnerability, but in the end, older IoT devices that can’t be upgraded should just be pitched.

In other news, Firefox just patched two critical vulnerabilities, Dell’s built-in remote assistance software can be remotely hacked, Venmo transactions are still painfully public by default, a Spanish soccer apps turns its fans into unwitting narcs, and Facebook has launched a new cryptocurrency called Libra.