A Tale of Two Browsers: Chrome vs Firefox

Google Chrome is the most popular web browser on the planet by far, used by about two thirds of all web surfers. But Google is an advertising company and ad blockers are a direct threat to their business model. Google is planning to make a highly controversial change to Chrome’s plugin framework that would break some popular ad blocking extensions like uBlock Origin, forcing them to use much less effective techniques for blocking ads.

Compare that to Mozilla’s Firefox browser, which just announced even more built-in tracking and ad-blocking capabilities – many of which will be on by default. The evidence is clear: Firefox respects your privacy and is giving your more and more tools with which to protect it; Chrome is doing the opposite. It’s time to switch to Firefox and ditch Chrome.

In other news, Maine has just signed bill into law which will require internet service providers to get your explicit consent before collecting and selling your web surfing data, Apple has announced several privacy-enhancing features to debut in iOS 13 this fall, and Windows Remote Desktop Services are under attack by hackers.

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