Facebook Fiascos

Further Facebook Fiascos

Facebook has once again gone too far and, when caught, asked for forgiveness and promised to change. First it was revealed that Facebook has been requesting since May 2016 that new users provide their email account passwords in order to verify their email addresses – without giving any obvious way to opt out. When caught, they said they would stop doing this. However, it was then revealed that Facebook “unintentionally” hoovered up the email contact lists of 1.5 million Facebook users that gave them their email passwords! I’ll tell you how you can review and delete any contacts you’ve shared (intentionally or otherwise) with Facebook… as well as how to just delete Facebook!

In other news, Microsoft has dropped the requirement to periodically change your password in Windows 10, another IoT vulnerability has been found that affects millions of devices, I have an update on the supposed Amazon employee Echo spying, and finally I’ll explain why browser makers are throwing in the towel and allowing ‘ping’ tracking (and how you can still block this).